Hello! If you’re reading this, you want to know how my background fits with your needs. I’ll list some highlights.

I’m Tamara Lee, an editor and writer. In other words, a word wrastler.*

Much of my career has hovered around publishing, including turns as editor, managing editor, marketing associate, and communications specialist. I’ve held editorial and marketing positions at a literary arts magazine; a few book publishers; a literacy newspaper; corporate and non-profit websites, and a major film post-production company. See my LinkedIn page for more details.

Helping other creative types who are trying to get their best work out there supercharges my creative energy. I’ve worked as story editor and producer for short film and documentary, and two of my screenplays were shortlisted for the CFC Writers Lab.

Blogging about arts and culture, and reflecting on the stories I see everywhere, fills me with joy. You can read samples of my work on my online portfolio.

My current projects include copy-editing manuscripts, manuscript consultation, and social media manager for small businesses. I also write essays and articles, short stories and novels, screenplays and dramatic plays. There isn’t a genre I won’t explore!

(*And you may ask yourself, what is a wrastler? Well, the word wrastle actually has a complex and varied etymology, but essentially it’s a dialectal form of the word wrestle. Its history is steeped in Chaucer’s Old English, but the word lives on in colloquial modern English. It’s a word that in itself is hard to pin down. This appeals to me as both a wordsmith and an editor: it’s playful and slippery, yet rooted in colourful history.)