Let’s go!

Ready to take the next step with that writing endeavor?

With over a dozen years of experience developing and editing literary, educational and corporate/non-profit content, I can turn around your copy and help you build a completed project.

  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Manuscripts:
    Evaluation: I’ll provide a thorough reading and assessment then offer recommendations for your next steps.
    Editing: Once you have your manuscript as far as you can get it, you’re ready for an editor. Maybe you need stylistic editing, or you could be ready for copy editing. What’s the difference? Here’s a handy tool.
  • Website Content:
    Need a writer? Not sure what to say or how to continue attracting your target audience? I can write copy for a wide range of website audiences. Need a short script for your video promotion? I can do that, too!
  • Professional Copy:
    Whether your project is for print or online, make sure it’s error-free.
    Rewriting and Structural Editing: You’ve written some notes and have a general idea of what you want your copy to achieve. You’ve collected all or some of the research. Now you need someone to finesse those words. I can be that someone.
    Proofreading: Before you send out your marketing materials, grant applications and other corporate documents, you can avoid embarrassing or even costly mistakes with a professional and thorough read-through. Let my eagle-eye track those errors!

Thoughtful, correct revisions and effective content at a competitive rate can be in your hands soon!